Sunday, May 31, 2009

I want one of these ^_^

Nikon D90
The D90 is definitely in the sweet spot especially in the budget section for me. Hehe..

Using as a reference
D90 with 18-105mm kit lense : RM4150
D90 Body only : RM 3280

Nikkor 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED
Now if I only buy the D90 body, this would be the lense would want to buy. The almost all-in-one Nikkor 18-200mm.
With this baby, the need to change lense (if I ever end up with a bunch) would be reduced.

Using as a reference
Nikkor 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED : RM2685

Nikkor 50mm F1.8D AF
This would be a nice handy lense for potraits. Based on most of the reviews that I've read, this is definitely a lense that gived you the bang for the buck. I would probably spend on this as the first additional lense to add.

Using as a reference
Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D AF : RM439

At the end of the day the damage would be one of the following if i start swiping my card.

D90 kit = RM4150
D90 kit + 50mm F1.8D = RM 4150 + RM439 = RM4589
D90 body + 18-200mm = RM 3280 + RM2685 = RM 5965 (add RM1376)
D90 body + 18-200mm + 50mm F1.8D = RM 3280 + RM2685 + RM439 = RM6404

Now I will wish as hard as possible.. maybe they will fall from the sky onto my lap =P

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mini Me....

I was browsing around sites when i came about Keith Louit's Beach Tilt Shift Stop Motion video on Vimeo. Now since I'm no expert on tilt shifting, I suggests you go read up on it like I do. Go wiki tilt shift or google tilt shift. 

Tilt shift the internet until you know what it is. Then maybe you can give me a quick tutorial on it.

To take real tilt shift photos you'll need some real expensive tilt shift gear. Unfortunately for noobs like me, thats not going to be an option. Even a DIY tilt shift lense would probably still cost a bomb.

So whats left? Photoshop of course. You can recreate the tilt shift effect right from your desk. There are guides to do this using Photoshop and GIMP. If you are too darn lazy to even do that I've even found a website that lets you tilt shift on the fly. The website is at TiltShiftMaker. How about that? Cool huh?

First attempt using GIMP

Using TiltShiftMaker

Using TiltShiftMaker

Using TiltShiftMaker

Using TiltShiftMaker

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I was out shopping just now. I could not resist not buying this. One can only say that the businesses are definitely quick to capitalize on current issues.

Unfortunately.. someone failed to proff read prints. Avian Flu is H5N1 not H1N1 hehe...


Here are some random shots recently taken with my handphone. Didn't bring my compact. So I had to do with my camera phone. The sunsets are at Bukit Genting while the tasty satay was the ever popular Balik Pulau Satay.